EX-1 Handle
Excalibur detector mounted to the handle version



Item number: EX-1

  1. Light, strong and rigid
  2. Glides through the water like you have never experienced.
  3. Only 3.2 pounds
  4. Premium hard coated anodized aluminum for corrosion resistance
  5. 90 degree cuff (curved cuffs cause your arm to want to walk up and out)
  6. Carbon Fiber Mid and lower shaft and is fastened with provided stainless steel screws for maximum rigidity.
  7. 3 year warranty if you seal all holes and joints with black electrical tape (supplied) so sand will stay out of the joints.

The complete handle and these spare parts: 2 tear drop rubber washers, 2 hex wrenches, 1 roll of black electrical tape and a set of gloves.

Fits in your suit case for traveling

In stock, shipped within 24 hours

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