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   Minelab, Anderson, Plugger and other handles "Stork Leg" upgrades  

  Part Number: X-750


Lower "Stork Leg" upgrade for your Anderson, Plugger, original Excalibur and other handles that accept a 3/4" OD lower shaft. Just replace your existing lower shaft. Has spring plunger AND provisions for a solid screw.

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   Equinox 600/800 (Compatible)  

  Part Number: NOX-1

"Stork Leg" Upgrade package for the Equinox handle

Glide through the water with ease. Carbon Fiber 3/4" mid shaft (not the larger 20mm like the original), 10mm lower shaft. Once you use this upgrade you will never go back to thick handles.

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  Part Number: EX-1

Premium Handle, full feature, Detector mounted to handle version

50% off (while supplies last) new design coming Nov 2021

This handle includes the strap, carbon fiber mid shaft and a slim carbon fiber "Stork Leg" lower shaft.

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  Part Number: NOX-5


"Arm Cuff" for the Equinox 600/800 (Now all aluminum)

The original plastic cuffs on the Equinox 600/800 have been breaking. Our Cuff's are an excellent upgrade and solution. Be pro-active and buy now before your detector is out of commission. Powder coated aluminum with stainless steel fasteners which eliminate the problem of the brass insert that freezes due to salt water. Direct fit, just bolt to your original Equinox handle and secure with the provided stainless steel wing nut. Use your original Equinox lower support and strap.

The image shows the Cuff with optional blue strap

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  Part Number: NOX-10


"Arm Cuff" Strap with Velcro fastening hook and loop

Designed for the NOX-5 but this strap will fit most other arm cuffs.

1 1/2" x 12 1/2"

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  Part Number: EX-5

50% off (while supplies last) new design coming Nov 2021

Detector Handle, for Excalibur (body mount version)


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