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Owl’s History

A little history behind Owl Engineering

Hello, Those who may not know me or my background I am “Chuck” the originator, designer and manufacturer of the Stealth Scoop. I started detecting in the mid 80’s and at that time started manufacturing scoops for hunting in the water. I resently sold the product line to a company in California (Sunspot Equipment who are doing a fine job), and am now concentrating on manufacturing other detecting products to increase the hunter’s efficiency so they will find more gold. At the moment (the last 2 years) I have been developing detector handles. I found it interesting when I mentioned on a detecting forum that I was designing a revolutionary handle, a few members starting guessing what my design would be like. Ideas like a folding handle, telescoping handles etc came up. All of the ideas dealt with the handle BEFORE and AFTER they would use it. My design goal was to make the 4-8 hours while IN the water more efficient, not the 30 seconds before and after hunting.


Design Goals

  • Slim so to glide through the water with ease.
  • Lightweight so to minimize the stress of swinging back and forth.


I have coined the term “Stork Leg” lower shaft which has the same effect as a bird slipping through the water and not causing a commotion and scaring away small fish.

I have pondered why all manufacturers use large aluminum and plastic shafts. My conclusion is they must do it for marketing reasons and want to create an image of “a very rugged looking detector”. It is true that when most of these companies started manufacturing handles, carbon fiber did not exist so now they just carry on with the old way of doing things.

Weight of the detector handle

While swinging back and forth you start from a standstill, swing in one direct and reverse over and over, maybe 1000 times an hour! This starting and stopping with any extra weight causes a lot of stress on your muscles and joints. Making a lighter product allows you to detect longer with less stress. Now with the benefit of a thin handle gliding through the water, the benefits really add up. Many companies use bulky clamps and large tubing. No thank you.

We also recommend taping your coil cord to the lower shaft which improves the streamlining effect.

Swing faster?

No, as a general rule, swinging slow results in more deep targets. But even swinging slow causes stress and if you are in an area with mostly fresh drops you can cover more area by swinging faster. This is your option.

Even young hunters in top shape will benefit from a PowerHandle and just think of those with physical impairments.

At the moment we are manufacturing 6 products:

  • The Owl “StorkLeg” shaft for the Equinox 600/800
  • A complete “PowerHandle” for your Excalibur 800/1000
  • The “KnobGuard” for the Excalibur
  • Our rugged “Arm Cuff” for the Equinox
  • Our Velco “ArmStrap”
  • “Lower StorkLeg” for most handles that accept 3/4″ lower shafts

The radical design of our handles may scare a few but as time rolls on and the word gets out, those afraid of change will see the light.

Our 3 year warranty also tells a story!