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Minelab Equinox

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Part Number: NOX-1

Equinox 600,700,800 and 900 StorkLeg kit for the Equinox

Part Number: NOX-1

Price : $125.00

With this Stork Leg Upgrade kit for your Equinox detector, you will glide through the water with ease. The lower shaft is 10mm carbon fiber, mid shaft is 1/2″ OD carbon fiber! Super Light! (The two shafts fit into your suit case) This design maintains our design goal of a...

Part Number: NOX-5

ArmCuff for Equinox (also Universal applications)

Part Number: NOX-5

Price : $15.00$44.00

Our ArmCuff and Lower support options for the Equinox are rugged and light weight aluminum. The original plastic cuffs on the Equinox have been breaking so be pro-active and buy now before your detector is out of commission. Powder coated with stainless steel fasteners, foam self-sticking pad and velcro strap....