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Part Number: O-1  (Universal)

Arm Cuff Foam Pad (universal)

Part Number: O-1 (Universal)

Price : $3.00

Self-sticking (just peel off the paper) 3/16" x 3" x 7" black neoprene

Part Number: X-750

"Stork Leg" upgrades for many handles

Part Number: X-750

Price : $95.00$150.00

Custom manufactured StorkLeg upgrade for your Anderson, Plugger, original Excalibur and other handles that accept a 3/4" OD lower shaft. Just replace your existing lower shaft. Has spring plunger AND provisions for a solid screw. Length and mounting to your coil is custom made. The standard length is 24.5" with...

Part Number: NOX-10

Strap for cuff (universal)

Part Number: NOX-10

Price : $5.00

Strap for Arm Cuff has Velcro fastening hook and loop. Designed for the NOX-5 but will fit most other arm cuffs. 1 1/2" x 12 1/2"