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Part Number: LEG-3 & LEG-6

StorkLeg for Simplex or Legend

Part Number: LEG-3 & LEG-6

Price : $95.00

"Deep Water Hunting” is now easier since our lower StorkLeg shaft is longer than the Legend’s original which allows you to see the detectors screen while hunting in the deep water (instead of the screen being submerged and hard to read). Slip through the water like butter. Light and strong...

Part Number: LEG – 1

ArmCuff and Lower Stand Kit for the Legend and Simplex

Part Number: LEG – 1

Price : $38.00

ArmCuff and Lower Stand Kit. Adjustable front to rear. Powder coated aluminum with stainless steel screws, hook and loop strap and self adhesive foam cushion (install if you want to use it). You can hunt without the stand especially when in the water.