“Deep Water Hunting” is now easier since our shaft is 5″ longer than the Legend’s original which allows you see the detectors screen while hunting in the deep water.

Part Number: LEG – 1

ArmCuff and Lower Stand Kit. Adjustable front to rear. Powder coated aluminum with stainless steel screws, hook and loop strap and self adhesive foam cushion (install if you want to use it). You can hunt without the stand especially when in the water.

Part Number: NOX-1

With this Stork Leg Upgrade kit for your Equinox detector, you will glide through the water with ease.

The lower shaft is 10mm carbon fiber, mid shaft is 1/2″ OD carbon fiber! Super Light!

(The two shafts fit into your suit case)

This design maintains our design goal of a handle that glides through the water with reduced stress

and more gold by the end of the day.

Part Number: PH 7.0 – DB

Optional button in the handle to engage discrimination to check a target. Contact Owl Engineering for details.

Can be wired and ready for you to connect to your Excalibur.

Part Number: PH 7.0 – Ext-5″

Our basic PowerHandle is a two piece unit which is designed to fit into a full size suit case for traveling. Some hunters who typically are 6′ plus may want a longer handle and yet be able to travel with it.

This part solves that problem. Plug and Play

Part Number: PH 7.0

“Standard Package” (normally $149) for your Excalibur – See our “Dream Package” which has all the Bells and Whistles. Special price is available for a limited time.

Part Number: PH 7.0 – DP

“Dream Package” (normally $249) for your Excalibur – All the bells and whistles are included with this “Dream Package” which is available for a limited time.

Part Number: PH 7.0 – Ext – Rear

Mount your Excalibur out to the rear for better balance. This is a bolt on adaptation which keeps your basic PH 7.0 short for traveling (fits most basic large suit cases). Simply remove 2 screws.

Part Number: PH 8.0

Protect your knobs from damage which can lead to water leaks. Includes nylon bolts and wing nuts.

Part Number: PH 9.0

This Battery Off-Set for the Excalibur gives you more clearance for your hip while detecting!

Part Number: X-750

Custom manufactured StorkLeg upgrade for your Anderson, Plugger, original Excalibur and other handles that accept a 3/4″ OD lower shaft. Just replace your existing lower shaft. Has spring plunger AND provisions for a solid screw. Length and mounting to your coil is custom made. The standard length is 24.5″ with the lower connection for the Excalibur: $95, other special set ups at a higher cost. Please contact us for assistance.

Part Number: NOX-5

ArmCuff and Lower support options for the Equinox 600/800 (rugged and light aluminum). The original plastic cuffs on the Equinox 600/800 have been breaking. Be pro-active and buy now before your detector is out of commission. Powder coated with stainless steel fasteners and velcro strap.

This Cuff with fit any 7/8″ diameter tube. All that is needed is to drill a 9mm hole through both sides of your tube.

Part Number: NOX-10

Strap for Arm Cuff has Velcro fastening hook and loop. Designed for the NOX-5 but will fit most other arm cuffs.

1 1/2″ x 12 1/2″