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"StorkLeg" upgrade

( Universal for many handles Fits 3/4" ID tubes)

"Stork Leg" upgrades for many handles

Part Number: X-750


Now you can improve your standard Minelab, Anderson, Plugger and other handles that accept a 3/4″ lower shaft

This Stork Leg upgrades your handle so it will glide through the water like the legs of a stork.

The distance from the upper spring button to the lower hole for the coil is 24.5″ for our standard shaft. The original Excalibur lower shaft is 22″. If you prefer the shaft to be longer, we will supply it to your specifications (29″ maximum) for a $10 fee but it will take a few extra days.

Taping the coils cord to the right side of the shaft is a must for streamlining the Stork Leg

To order:

Email us: info@owl-engineering
call: 1 586 755 5821



Custom manufactured StorkLeg upgrade for your Anderson, Plugger, original Excalibur and other handles that accept a 3/4″ OD lower shaft. Just replace your existing lower shaft. Has spring plunger AND provisions for a solid screw. Length and mounting to your coil is custom made. The standard length is 24.5″ with the lower connection for the Excalibur: $95, other special set ups at a higher cost. Please contact us for assistance.

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