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New Scoop Coming Soon

This is "Chuck", the original designer, manufacturer and owner of the Stealth beach scoops since the 80's. I sold the product line about 8 years ago. I have worked for years on different ideas as to how to make scoops lighter, stronger and more efficient. I have come up with a design which I feel is superior to anything built in the past (or present). I am testing the proto-type now in Brazil (May of 2024) and will be making the final modifications in the next few months when I get back to Michigan. Once the design is finalized, we will release it for sale in about August or September of this year. I have brought many innovations to the field such as the hybrid concept, carbon fiber handles and many more. I feel my new concept exceeds all designs of the past. If you are presently considering purchasing a new scoop, you may want to wait until we release our new design, trust me, it will be worth the wait!

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  • Owl's New Scoop
  • Gen 2 Carbon Fiber Handle
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